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About Us

  UnHeard is a collective of composers, conductor and instrumentalists based in Manchester; united in their burning passion for new music, new technology and the wish to use that passion to inspire, entertain and delight audiences across the North of England and beyond. At present this group includes Artistic Director Tywi JH Roberts, Music Director Omer Shteinhart, composers Simon Knighton, Robert Laidlow, Athanasia Kontou, Nate Chivers and Bofan Ma, plus outstanding instrumentalists such as Johanna Leung and Poppy Philligreen.

  We seek to bring our influences together to create a unique blend of classical music informed by popular culture, myth, interactive media, scientific discovery, and more. Our goal is to organise and execute outstanding concerts in which the works take inspiration from all of the above; as well as creating a crossover between the audiences for these sources and the audiences of the art music world.

  Beginning in the Royal Northern College of Music as the New Music Society, UnHeard has graduated beyond the boundaries of the college; showcasing our hybrid electronic/acoustic approach to the wider public beyond the academic and classical worlds. By collaborating with pop musicians, scientists, academics and film makers; we further aim to broaden this music’s impact.

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The Team

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